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A Land of Great Respite

Be Surrounded by Nature

While somewhat different from the more easily recognizable provinces in Luzon, the province of Benguet continues to possess a unique charm that makes it appealing to residents, visitors, and investors alike. The cool climate alone has been enough to make many choose to live and invest in the area, and locations like the city of Baguio and the valley-municipality of La Trinidad continue to be a go-to respite for people from all over the country.

The province offers an excellent quality of life, just not in the same way as its more urban counterparts. The city of Baguio may be officially independent from the province, but it is still one of the most developed locations in Northern Luzon. Several municipalities in Benguet also have everything one would expect from well-established towns.

The Salad Bowl of the Philippines

What makes this province truly complete and highly competitive is its vegetation. Nicknamed the “Salad Bowl of the Philippines”, Benguet is a prime place to buy and even grow one’s own fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is easy to practice in the province, and coupled with a climate and environment that allows for extended stays outdoors, it is quite understandable why many choose to lead the laid-back life that the province provides.

The province comprises a total of 13 municipalities. Along with the independent city of Baguio, these locations offer an intriguing insight into the diversity of the province with majority of the northwestern portion occupied by the Kankanaey ethnic group, the Ibalois in the southeast, and by Kalanguyas in the east.

Apartment for Sale in Benguet

Bedroom in Warm Tones

Plots for sale are actually the most common property type in Benguet. Apartments and condominiums are only second. Most are situated in Baguio City and in the nearby town of La Trinidad. The quaint urban appeal of Baguio and the strawberry and vegetable plantations of La Trinidad tend to draw plenty of tourism in, making both great places for real estate investments because they can provide passive income through rent and capital appreciation over the long term.

While an apartment in Benguet tends to be concentrated in just two areas, there are still numerous flats to choose from. One example is Central Apartments in Quisumbing Street, Baguio, which is a master-planned community close to schools, malls, hospitals, and the city’s leisure spots.

Flats in the province are not only limited to high-rise units. There is also a huge number of duplex apartments and row houses available. Their prices range from PHP 6 million for a unit in a three-storey building to an entire row house for PHP 40 million.